Titan Lockbar Receiver Finisher

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Lock bar receivers always seem to look nasty. Powdercoat and paint scratch off. Replating is expensive... Well, now there's a solution!

Introducing the Titan Lockbar Receiver Finisher

Made from genuine Lexan, these .010" thick velvet/matte overlays are printed from the back side of the Lexan, meaning the graphic can never scratch off! Backed with 3M 2 mil 200MP adhesive. To install, peel and stick! That simple. Well, you probably ought to clean it first.

No tools necessary!

Installs in seconds!

Lock bar receivers often get replaced, using whatever is available at the time. Some manufacturers even switched styles during runs of the same title so to determine what lock bar receiver is on your game, check what you have against the photos. If you are in doubt, contact us! We will do our best to assist!

Available now:

Late Williams/Bally: WPC-95 / WPC-S / WPC-DCS / DMD / Spooky / Dutch Pinball

Williams System 11 / Early Williams/Bally: Alpha-Numeric, Fliptronics 1, Fliptronics 2

Data East / Sega (all games)

Available soon:

Late Stern* (two latches) Late Tron thru Current Games

Early Stern* (yellow lever) Striker Extreme thru The Rolling Stones, and some early Tron

*No center fire or tournament button cutout

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