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Titan Competition Silicone Rings

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New Materials - Classic Feel


These next generation rings are made from specially formulated silicone that provides a durable, easy to clean, vibrant replacement for standard pinball rubber. Our Competition rings are resistant to UV light and less susceptible to drying and cracking, giving them a much longer lifespan than traditional rubber.

All sizes and colors of Competition Rings are engineered to provide the classic feel of red flipper rubber (Shore A45), allowing you to change colors without compromising game play.


Natural rubber tends to "break in" and lose some if it's fresh bounce after a couple weeks. Titan Pinball makes a "Low Bounce" standard flipper rubber if this is desired. Also a great way to make it easier to catch on really fast pins like TNA. This flipper rubber has a reduced thickness to achieve less bounce and more control. These 1mm thinner flipper rubber can also solve ball hop in some cases, where the ball jumps when it transitions from the inlane ball guide to the flipper. 

Important Notes:

When installing flipper rubber you should always "unload" the tip. This means after the rubber is on the flipper bat, pinch the rubber and push it towards the tip of the flipper bat to slack the tip of the rubber as much as possible. Stretch it towards the tip until you see a visible gap between the tip of the flipper bat and the rubber. It will also help to rotate all of the rings once a month or so depending on the playing time.

The same method can be applied to slingshot rubber as well. I pre-stretch a little bit, then put the rubber on the sling posts and then pull 2 different sides at a time, repeatedly. The object would be to make the tension across the three posts as even as possible. Also, check the post groove for sharp corners. Star posts and metal posts can have sharp edges to the grooves that cut the “skin” of the silicone ring, and then they fail. 

Make your machine look and play its best with Titan Competition Rings!

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  Williams / Bally Stern / Sega / DE Gottlieb Bally Older Stern Capcom Comment

Flipper Rubber

23-6695, 23-6519-4 545-5277-00, 545-5024-02 28546 R-406-3, R-533-3, 23-6519-4, 0017-00041-0682, 0017-00041-0653 7A-121-R  RB00115-BK

The most common flipper rubber:
1.5" ID x .5" wide

3/8" Flipper Rubber

    A-13151       Gottlieb flipper:
1.5" ID x .375" wide
1" Mini Flipper Rubber 23-6682-7         RB00114-BK  1" ID x .5" wide

Tiny Flipper Rubber

(Munsters,Shrek,Family Guy)

 545-6187-00         .875" ID x .25" wide
Post Rubber Std 23-6556 545-5260-00 A-26648Y       .453" OD x 1" tall
1/2" Post Rubber   545-5151-00         .617" OD x .5" tall
Tapered Post 23-6632, 23-6579, 38-6579


  These are also called
Bell Posts by some

Stern Slim Post
*Now Tapered 
(Install Large End Up)

 545-5308-00, 545-5308-08


  .438" (up) to .375" (down) OD x 1.06" tall
7/8" Post 38-6552 545-5009-00


RB00105  .5" OD x ..875" tall
3/4" Bumper Post 23-6551, 38-6551


  .75" OD x .6" tall
with .226" hole
used on Space Shutle
Mini Tee Post
23-6425, 38-6425


  Minipost "T" rubber used on playfields and for glass nipple protection on 6, 7, and 16 digit plasma display
.256" OD x .394" tall
3/8 OD 23-6626, 2A-4003, 23-6626, 2A-4003 545-5025-19, 545-5025-19,545-5348-69 A-14793 R-206-11 7A-125   .375" OD for metal minipost
7/16 OD 23-6694-1, 23-6535 545-5348-17, 545-5025-17 A-15705, A-15704 R-521-11, R-414, 17-41-633 7A-135 RB00117-02 .467" OD for metal minipost
3/16 ID 23-6641-1, 2A-3905,  or 23-6441-2 545-5348-01, 545-5025-1, 545-5348-51   17-41-641    RB00108-01 .187" ID for narrow plastic posts
5/16 ID 23-6694-3, 23-6300 545-5348-02, 545-5025-02, 545-5348-52 A-10217 R-243 7A-120-031, 7A-135   .313" ID for most
star posts
3/8 ID 23-6694-3, 23-6591 A-10217 R-243-2      RB00108-03 .375" ID for some
star posts
7/16 ID 23-6694-4, 23-6694-3, 23-6599 545-5348-18, 545-5025-18, 545-5025-03 A-17493 R-392    RB00108-04 .437" ID for
double posts
3/4 ID 23-6694-5, 23-6301 545-5348-04, 545-5025-04, 545-5348-54 A-10218 R-521, R-137, 17-41-642     .75" ID
1 ID 23-6694-6, 23-6302 545-5348-05, 545-5025-05 A-10219 R-135, R-521-1,0017-00041-0643, 17-41-643 7A-120-100   1" ID
1 1/4 ID 23-6694-7 545-5348-06        RB00108-07 1.25" ID
1 1/2 ID 23-6694-8, 23-6304 545-5348-07, 545-5025-07 A-10220Y, A-10220 R-521-2, R-141,0017-00041-0644 7A-120-150 RB00108-08  1.5" ID
1 3/4 ID   545-5025-21     7A-120-175   1.75" ID
2 ID 23-6694-9, 23-6305 545-5348-08, 545-5025-08 A-10221 R-521-3, R-196 7A-120-200  RB00108-09 2" ID
Some Stern slingshot
(recommend 2.5")
2 1/2 ID 23-6694-10, 23-6306 545-5025-09, 545-5348-09 A-10222Y, A-10222 R-521-4, R-284-5, 0017-00041-0646 7A-120-250   2.5" ID
Themost common for slingshots
2 3/4 ID   545-5348-20       RB00108-11  2.75" ID
some classic Bally slingshots
3 ID 23-6694-11, 23-6307 545-5348-10, 545-5025-10 A-10223 R-521-5, R-295-5 7A-120-300   3" ID
3 1/2 ID 23-6694-12 545-5348-11 10224Y       3.5" ID
4 ID 23-6694-13 545-5348-12         4" ID
4 1/2 ID 26-6694-14 545-5348-13         4.5" ID
Shooter Tip 23-6327, 23-6327   RIN-PCB R-108-3, R-108-4, 0017-00041-0631     Just the tip
1 1/4 Rebound Rubber       R-115-4 7A-113   1.25" OD x .522" tall
.25" hole
1 1/2 Rebound Rubber 23A-6316          

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