Titan Tilt-O-Meter (The Real Thing!)

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  • Product Code: Tilt-o-Meter
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NOTE: These are hand-made so shipping might take a day of two ;)

Is inconsistent tilt sensitivity causing you headaches? Nausea? Divorce?

Well, now there's a solution!

Introducing the Titan Tilt-O-Meter TM

This revolutionary device takes the guesswork out of setting up your tilt bob.

Simply install the Tilt-O-Meter on your tilt mechanism, get eye-level with the tilt, and the meter shows you exactly how easy, or how difficult, your machine is set.

No tools necessary!

Installs in seconds!

Each Tilt-O-Meter is lovingly made by hand, in my living room, while watching pinball tournament re-runs!

These little guys can be a pain to ship.  We try our best to protect them, but sometimes they don't make it in one piece.

If yours shows up in more pieces than expected, please let us know and we'll replace it immediately.

Too cheap to pay for one?

Go here for the .stl, .skp, and jpg label. Then print your own.

Using these plans for commercial use or world domination is a big no-no!

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