No Good Gofers - Rubber Ring Kit by Matt M.

Game No Good Gofers
Manufacturer Williams Electronics Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated
Date Manufactured December, 1997
Players 4
Theme Sports - Golf
Kit Submitted By: Matt M.  
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Description: This is the kit that I installed when I tore down my No Good Gofers. The only thing I would consider adjusting are the 7/16" OD rings. There are ten posts total that require these rings, and I mixed and matched a little with orange and blue. I may go with all orange at some point. The only rubbers not in the manual are a few that are present on top of the plastics under the plastic ramps. They do not touch the ball in normal gameplay (possibly could with some errant slam ramp shots). There are some 5/16" ID rings and some 7/16" OD rings. Thanks!


Kit Contents Print

Rubber Size/Type Color Quantity  
Rubber Rings - 5/16 Inch I.D. Orange 8
Rubber Rings - 1 1/4 Inch I.D. Orange 2
Rubber Rings - 2 Inch I.D. Orange 4
Rubber Rings - 2 Inch I.D. Clear 2
Post Sleeves - Standard Blue 3
Post Sleeves - Standard Green 2
Post Sleeves - Standard Yellow 1
Post Sleeves - Standard Grey 2
Rubber Rings - 7/16 Inch I.D. Orange 2
Rubber Rings - Flipper Standard Lt. Blue 2
Rubber Rings - Flipper Standard Orange 1
Rubber Rings - Shooter Tip Orange 1
Post Sleeves - Tapered Post Blue 1
Rubber Rings - 7/16 Inch O.D. Orange 7
Rubber Rings - 7/16 Inch O.D. Lt. Blue 3


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